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The Payroll Site Review

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ThePayrollSite does what it says on the tin. It’s a website which allows you to calculate your payroll, produce payslips and pay your employees. It’s kept updated with UK tax regulations, allowing you to work out PAYE, National Insurance Contributions and various other deductions with ease. 

The website itself is pretty bare-bones, with an explanation of its services and a few links to pricing and support sections. This is a small business, run for small businesses. These facts are made quite clear, although you can also include up to 50 employees on your payroll, or take on multiple payrolls into a single account. 

The pricing structure is pretty basic but makes sense. You pay just over £1 per employee on your payroll – that’s it. However, there are other options for agent accounts, if you wish to act as an administrator on behalf of your clientele. A free 1 month trial is also available, which is a great way to see if the system serves your needs.

This is a basic service, and it might be too basic for many people. However, we can see why small businesses with few employees would be attracted to The Payroll Site. It’s no-nonsense, quick, any-where any-time access to your payroll. This will undoubtedly appeal to people who don’t want to be able to perform all sorts of more complex functions.

ThePayrollSite.co.uk is a UK-only service, as its calculations and features adhere to HMRC regulations. It keeps up to date with current changes in law and tax methods, so you shouldn’t have to worry about miscalculations or alterations in tax laws which mean you might incur a fine.

Customer support is okay, but not amazing. The various online guides help you with most, but not all issues. There’s also an introductory video which shows you how to set everything up. We feel that this combination will probably provide the majority of answers to any issues you have, but if you are stuck then you can contact the small team for some additional support.

If you’re looking for a payroll processing website which allows you to perform more complex tasks, this probably isn’t going to be the website for you. However, if you’re looking for a quick, easy system which allows you fast access to a few simple payroll tools, it’s certainly worth considering. The Payroll Site is affordable for all businesses, and provides a simple pricing structure. Why not give the free trial a go and see what you think?

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