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APS Payroll Review

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APS Payroll provides effective online payroll solutions. Their interface is relatively simple to use, with a few options to help tailor your system to suit your business. They also provide additional core HR, time and attendance tools.

APSpayroll suffers from being a little bit average in most areas. That isn’t to say it’s a bad option, but that it’s not revolutionary, or doesn’t seem to go the extra mile very often. However, it’s also a solid choice and there are a few options which improve the system’s flexibility. For example, you can opt in or opt out of particular features, depending on whether or not you feel you would use them. 

APSPayroll.com offers paperless payrolls, a popular choice for the environment and to save money within the business. They also provide a variety of electronic documents which help to teach you about payroll, HR and other important business issues. 

We were impressed with the software’s payroll reporting options, which allow you to run historical reports (every quarter or year) or simply to look at a given point in your payroll’s timeline. You can also create unique reports easily, which are useful for analyzing employee costs over any given time. 

Managers and employees can use the self service tools available on APSPayroll, allowing them to access their personal data to check on payslips, whether they’ve been paid and more. Managers are able to explore in more depth, so varying degrees of control within the system are possible.

Your payroll taxes can be handled on your behalf. You can automatically calculate and file taxes, paying them accurately and on time. If there is some error within the APS system which causes you to get a fine, they will also cover this charge. APS is tax compliant, taking federal, state and local tax filing requirements into account.

You can pay employees directly using direct deposits into their bank accounts, or by providing paycards. These cards are like pre-paid debit cards which can be used in many stores and to buy utilities. Paycheck reconciliation options are also available when needed.

APSPayroll.com offers several other options for HR, and for tracking employee work times and attendance. If you’re interested in any of these, it is worth exploring the possibility of acquiring a discount for using multiple services. 

Whilst APS doesn’t have everything you may need and is a little average in certain areas, it still does a decent job at helping businesses to track and change their payrolls. Its reporting features are particularly good, so if you feel you might benefit from a range of payroll reports then we’d recommend checking this site out.

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