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PrimePay.com provides one-on-one support or online payroll solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Each package is tailored to what you need, with tax solutions and advisers on hand when required. Their secure payroll systems are accessible on the cloud, using desktops, laptops and tablets, on a range of software-free friendly platforms.

The keyword for Prime Pay is Flexibility. You choose the bits you want, ignore those you don’t, get as much support as you need, or as much freedom as you desire. Essentially, you could hand over the majority of payroll work to their team, leaving you to focus on other parts of the business, or you can take complete control and allow them to wait in the background.

Whilst the system is user-friendly and online (no software downloads necessary and nothing too complex to learn), it may not be perfect for absolute beginners. There are simpler systems out there if you’re totally new to controlling payroll. Still, it shouldn’t take too much work to get going, and if you need advice then the team is there to support you. These specialists can be contacted via telephone or email. A live chat option would be nice, but unfortunately this isn’t provided.

The website is a little sparse when it comes to telling you about exactly what you’re getting. We’d appreciate a few more videos and tutorials, guides and general examples of what’s available and how it’s used. You can request a free quote, though, which is also an opportunity to talk over your options and how much they might cost.

PrimePay caters for small, medium and large businesses, with slightly different features available to each of them. This is good to see, as huge companies wouldn’t have the same requirements as a small business with a team of 5 or 6 people. As you might expect, the features for larger companies handle larger numbers of employees, but they also offer a few more professional solutions, including (pretty much) taking control of your payroll for you.

The website also offers tax services. If you’re using the payroll cloud system, this data can be collected to work out your payroll tax, which can then be paid efficiently and accurately. You can also view groups of data and produce reports, helping you to identify areas where you might be able to cut back on staff costs.

In addition, Prime Pay offers employee tracking and monitoring tools to make sure you’re paying for the hours that are worked. You can also create online work schedules which can be shared with employees. This system sends emails and texts automatically, reminding employees of their schedules, and therefore reducing the potential for absences due to complex working patterns.

Whilst the website can be a bit vague, and there aren’t quite as many features as we’d perhaps like, PrimePay’s simple, flexible system seems to get the job done. They also provide a few extras which are worth considering, potentially offering you money-saving options when you combine various elements into your package.

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