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Sage One Payroll Review

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Sage offers payroll solutions in 14 countries. Sage One Payroll provides accounting and payroll solutions for small businesses in the UK. Its prices are very affordable, its software is easy to use and there’s free 24 hour support.  It’s been designed with payroll-novices in mind, meaning that you won’t need to be an HR whizz to work out its various functions.

SageOne’s Payroll options are for small UK businesses, up to 15 employees. So SageOne Payroll is not going to be of much use to you if you are anything other than that.  However, you might wish to find out a little more about its various other services, in 13 other countries, which are for managers, accountants and potentially even for people who are self-employed. They offer tools to help you keep track of your money, which might be useful.

Right, let’s put that all aside for a moment and talk about what Sage One offers in terms of payroll options. As we mentioned, this is an easy-use system, and you’re not expected to have prior payroll experience to use it. In fact, the site offers extensive guides to each of its services, which are well worth reading. These guides will explain the various uses of the system, and the practicalities of getting things working.

If you’re in need of a bit more support, the site offers 24 hour telephone support for free, all year round. Alternatively, you can check the online support, although there are no forums or other community features to share your questions, tips, thoughts and ideas.

The system is always up to date with current legislation, so you don’t need to worry about small changes popping up which you don’t really understand – it does all that for you. Additionally, you are able to submit real time information (RTI) returns. This basically means that you can automatically submit tax and National Insurance information every time you run payroll (which is now part of UK employment and tax law). If you fail to do this, you may incur a fine of £100 or more, so it’s definitely worth keeping on top of.

You can print payslips so that employees have hard copies if they prefer, or the details can be accessed online. Payments and deductions are calculated automatically, and additional elements of the payslip can easily be corrected as you need.

Adding employees to the payroll is very quick and easy, with simply a few clicks of a button. You can also switch from another software package to this one without much hassle. If you need any advice or assistance with this, we recommend contacting the sales or support teams for more information.

A 30 day free trial of the payroll features available from Sage One is available. You also get a discount on your first 6 months with them. Even when the prices go up, though, the service is very affordable for all manner of small businesses. It also integrates with other Sage One services such as Sage One Cashbook or Accounts, if you decide to take advantage of the other tools available.

All things considered, Sage One offers excellent value for money. It’s a simple but effective tool for managing payroll within a small business within the UK and elsewhere. If you don’t have much experience with payroll and don’t really understand HMRC (who does?!) then this might be a great choice for you.

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