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Intuit is a world leader in online payroll services. With Intuit Payroll, it offers services to help track and monitor working hours, to calculate payments, to process payments and keep accurate records for tax purposes. Many of its tools are online, with additional services also available for accountants, housekeeping and more. It’s expertly designed to work smoothly with QuickBooks for Payroll.

Whether you’re starting up a new business, expanding or just want to keep on top of your payroll, it’s not an easy job. You have to gather the details of your employees, calculate how many hours they work or what their salary will be when split over the year, schedule and process payments, and then make sure you’ve submitted and paid your taxes properly. 

In the past there was a lot of room for human error. Missing deadlines, or simply losing a piece of paper could have massive impacts on your employees and business. Intuit Payroll hopes to overcome all of that, providing easy-use online tools and offline services to streamline the whole system. 

The three key packages available are Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll or Full Service. The basic option allows you to instantly produce paychecks. You can also perform quick tax calculations and receive live support from the expert team. This works with QuickBooks, too. 

The enhanced payroll package is similar to the basic package, except that it completes federal and state tax forms for you. You can also pay contractors and electronically file your end of year forms. 

The full service option includes a lot more automated features, such as calculating and paying taxes for you. These services guarantee that you won’t overpay taxes or incur penalties, too. This package is particularly useful if you’re just starting out because the team also set up the whole payroll for you and include end of year forms for free, taking a lot of the initial hassle out of establishing the payroll and making sure it’s all secure at the end of the year.

A variety of free resources are available on payroll.intuit.com. These include articles informing you about payroll, tips on hiring employees, a free paycheck calculator and data on health care reform. 

  Many companies use QuickBooks (by Intuit) to handle their payroll, and Intuit Payroll is fully integrated with this if needs be.  

If you’re keen to make sure you and your employees are aware of (and complying with) current employment law, you can also purchase the posters package. Intuit will deliver professional posters for your workplace, outlining current employment law and potential changes in law, so everyone is up to speed.

Customer service is high on the list of priorities for Intuit. They offer live support for their clients, which ranges from an online chat to helping you to fill in forms. There’s also a user community where you can ask questions or find answers to shared problems. Training videos are available online, too, helping you to understand the system and the various ways to improve your payroll.

Intuit Payroll offers a variety of packages to suit a range of budgets. None of them are very expensive and could certainly save money in the long run as you are less likely to produce calculation errors. Most packages include a 1 month free trial, although you must contact the team to discuss the terms of the Full Service if you wish to try it out. A $2 charge is standard for including an additional employee on your payroll service.

If you run a more complex shift system in your company, you may wish to consider Intuit’s employee time tracking services. These help you to work out total hours worked, and cost relatively little to implement. There are also a variety of alternative payroll services for slightly different employee set-ups, including tools to help pay your home help and nanny. 

Many companies use QuickBooks (by Intuit) to handle their payroll, and Intuit Payroll is fully integrated with this if needs be. In fact, you can purchase both systems simultaneously from the website to receive a significant discount. QuickBooks is notoriously easy to use, with enough options and depth to allow more complex calculations, so it comes highly recommended from many professional bodies.

To conclude: Intuit Payroll has plenty to offer. Whether you need online tools or offline assistance paying your employees and filing your tax returns, it’s all here. What’s more, it’s very affordable, prices depend on your employee numbers and the packages offer plenty of flexibility for growing businesses. If you’re still not convinced, why not try a 30 day free trial to see what all the fuss is about?

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