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Category: Payroll Processing Services
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ADP offers software, services and support for streamlining your payroll, plus plenty of additional services for supporting management, finance and more. It offers cloud-based features with on the ground support, from a team of experts, with an impressive set of tools which help you to build reports and analyze areas for improvement.

The payroll software is in depth but shouldn’t be too difficult for an experienced member of payroll staff to use. You can produce over 30 reports to help identify areas of expenditure or potential inaccuracy, cross referencing data to locate source issues. Reports can be downloaded and printed, which makes them ideal for sharing with management and finance teams.

The software is impressive and works well, which is probably why ADP is trusted by so many companies. In fact, the site suggests that ADP processes payrolls for 1 in 6 employees in the US, which is pretty impressive. The software integrates with your current systems, including QuickBooks. 

If you need to keep up to date with current employment law and issues, such as health care reforms, which might affect your employees and payroll, ADP.com is a useful site to visit. It offers articles and information about current financial issues, as well as government policies which affect small, medium and large companies.

Payment schedules are easy to set up and you can receive updates when particular payments are due. At the other end, your employees can also view a digital version of their payslips, keeping them in the loop when any changes might occur.

As well as using the online tools, this site also offers very good customer support. You can chat to a team member on the phone or using the live chat feature. There is also a blog, and you can check out a page of insights or news. This is a really useful resource, whether or not you’re using ADP services. 

As well as updating and processing payroll (and paying your employees!) ADP also provides tax services. You can automatically file and pay your payroll taxes, with guaranteed accuracy. Combined with its payroll software, this makes the whole process very smooth, and requires minimal effort once the set up and maintenance (new staff, any promotions, changes of address and so on) have been achieved.  

ADP.com doesn’t offer much information regarding its prices, primarily because its services are tailored to your needs. They really depend on the variety of tools you need, how much support you might require, and how large your business is. Please contact the sales team for a quote.

ADP offers a great payroll service, and this is backed up by the fact that so many companies choose to use it. Whilst the software is well designed and the variety of additional services is comprehensive, it may not be ideal for anyone who is new to payroll as it could be somewhat daunting because of the level of detail you can go into. That said, if you do require extra information or training, it’s worth contacting the team to find out more.

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